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LS Engine Swap

LS Engine Swap, Reseda, CA

LS Engine Swap

Don't wait one more day to feel the power of a new GM LS engine. Get the most out of your LS engine whether you prefer a street, off-road, supercharged or stroker assembly. Call the mechanics at A.G. Automotive & Diagnosis at 818-578-5191 to get started with your LS engine swap.

At A.G. Automotive & Diagnosis, we specialize in turnkey engines such as the LS3, LS7, LQ9 and LSX series. The mechanics at A.G. Automotive & Diagnosis will determine what adjustments need to be made to your vehicle to create the perfect fit and maintain original function. We will also recommend the correct frame and motor mounts for your specific car or truck.

LS Engine Swap Cost

GM makes a powerful and affordable engine. Making a LS engine swap convenient and affordable is our highest priority.

First, the mechanics at A.G. Automotive & Diagnosis will help you estimate the cost of your LS engine swap by considering the driving application and your style. LS3 series engine swaps are popular for street applications while the LS7 series is for trucks and off-roading applications. The LS3, released in 08 was the most powerful Corvette engine. The LS7 provides more horsepower for greater towing capacity than the LS3 and is the largest LS engine built by GM Performance.

Leave the Motor Mounts to Us

At A.G. Automotive & Diagnosis we know replacing the frame mounts and motor mount adapter plates are the foundation of a successful GM LS engine swap. Adapter plates bolt onto the engine block and secure it to the cross member. We have adjustable and stock location adapter plates available to create the perfect fit and maximum stability. Most car applications require the LS engine to be moved forward due to firewall clearance issues with the passenger side cylinder head. For GM LS and LSX engines we recommend 1" set back adapter plates to retain the factory transmission cross member and driveshaft distance.

For perfect fit and function A.G. Automotive & Diagnosis often recommends updating these important parts and systems.

  • Transmissions
  • Flex plates
  • Wiring and computer systems
  • Oil pans
  • Steam tubes
  • Gauges
  • Fuel systems
  • Exhaust systems
  • Carburetor conversions

Trust your LS engine swap to the experts at A.G. Automotive & Diagnosis in Reseda. At A.G. Automotive & Diagnosis we specialize in LS engine swaps including turnkey engines such as LS3, LS7, LQ9 and the LSX series. Call 818-578-5191 or stop by our shop at 6824 Aura Ave today and get started on your LS engine swap.

Ask A.G. Automotive & Diagnosis About These Popular LS Engine Swap Assemblies

  • LQ9 6.0L 390 HP Turn Key LS Engine Swap Assembly
  • LQ9 6.0L 470 HP Turn Key LS Engine Swap Assembly
  • LS3 415ci 600 HP Stroker Turn Key LS Engine Swap Assembly
  • LS3 427ci 580 HP Stroker Turn Key LS Engine Swap Assembly
  • LS3 427ci 615 HP Stroker Turn Key LS Engine Swap Assembly
  • LS3 6.2 710 HP Supercharged Turn Key LS Engine Swap Assembly
  • LS3 6.2L 480 HP Turn Key LS Engine Swap Assembly
  • LS3 6.2L 525 HP Turn Key LS Engine Swap Assembly
  • LS3 6.2L 565 HP Turn Key LS Engine Swap Assembly
  • LS3 6.2L 710 HP Supercharged Turn Key LS Engine Swap Assembly
  • LS327 5.3L 350 HP Turn Key LS Engine Swap Assembly
  • LS7 7.0 540 HP Turn Key LS Engine Swap Assembly
  • LS7 7.0 630 HP Turn Key LS Engine Swap Assembly
  • LS7 7.0 820 HP Supercharged Turn Key LS Engine Swap Assembly
  • LSX 454ci 700 HP Turn Key LS Engine Swap Assembly
  • LSX 454ci 880 HP Supercharged Turn Key LS Engine Swap Assembly
  • RHS 490ci 755 HP Turn Key LS Engine Swap Assembly
  • LS3 427ci 580 HP Turn Key Stroker Assembly
  • LS3 427ci 615 HP Turn Key Stroker Assembly
  • LS3 427ci 600 HP Turn Key Stroker Assembly
  • LS327 5.3L 350 HP Turn Key LS Engine Swap Assembly
  • LQ9 6.0L 390HP/420TQ Turn Key LS Engine Swap Assembly
  • LQ9 6.0L 470 HP Turn Key LS Engine Swap Assembly
  • LS7 7.0L 540 HP Turn Key LS Engine Swap Assembly
  • LS7 7.0L 630 HP Turn Key LS Engine Swap Assembly
  • LS7 7.0L 820 HP Turn Key Supercharged Assembly
  • LSX 415 C.I Turbo 850 HP Engine Assembly
  • LSX 448 C.I Turbo 950 HP Engine Assembly
  • LSX 454ci 880 HP Turn Key Supercharged Engine Assembly
  • LS3 415ci 600 HP Turn Key Stroker Assembly

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I've been coming back for years! Chuck and his staff are honest, reliable and he only recommends what's necessary and works with my pocket book. In these tight times, finding a mechanic that's watching out for you priceless!!
, 08/06/2020

Good experience...
, 08/06/2020

My car - Dodge Charger R/T made a strange noise in the engine 2 weeks ago. I brought it to A.G. Automotive & Diagnosis and this is definitely the best decision. They told me my car had a lifters problem and I got my car back today. They are very professional, I feel like I'm working with a Dealership. Melissa, is very enthusiastic and professional. Chuck - owner of A.G. Automotive & Diagnosis and its workers, along with their experience, will take care of your car in the best way. A.G. Automotive & Diagnosis is a great place if you want to maintain or repair your vehicle.
, 06/09/2020

The receptionist made me feel like I was a valued long time customer and they keep their word. I really appreciate the way they treated me and I'm sure to be back for my automotive needs.
, 05/26/2020

This place has my business from now on! The best experience I've ever had with a mechanic. In the past, I've encountered sleazy mechanics who have tried to rip me off because I'm a young woman, and its made me very wary of trying out new places. But not here! Fast, friendly, and fair prices! Would recommend to anyone. Oh, and Michelle is hilarious!
, 03/14/2020

Good service
, 03/13/2020

I'm so glad to have found this place! They say in life, you've got to know a good doctor and a good lawyer but I'd also add good car mechanic to that - especially if you live in California - and i'm happy to say that I've now found mine! Chuck is worth his weight in gold for his expertise and rigor in solving your problem. I had previously gone to another place where they replaced a bunch of parts and charged a lot of money but actually did not end up solving my problem in the least! They then pointed me at replacing another very expensive part figuring that that's where the solution lay. I walked and found Chuck through Yelp where I will add my own glowing review. He deserves it. He quickly figured that another expensive part change was not going to fix the problem and identified the real issue at a fraction of the price of replacing a part needlessly. He's also great and patient with explaining the issues and even showing you the relevant parts if they've been pulled or are otherwise available to look at. The place is at a great, convenient location and you'll probably be greeted by Michelle at the front desk who is a delight and will make your visit to the mechanics a much more pleasant experience than you'd expect. She'll sort you out, take your info and make sure you're up to speed on everything that they're going to need to do to your vehicle. AG also has a really sophisticated web portal you'll have access to as a client where you can see a report of all the diagnostic results as well as all the work that will be performed. Cannot recommend this place enough.
, 03/11/2020

It's uplifting to see people who work for giving service to the community than for quick money. AG Automotive helped me believe there are still good mechanics in the world. I would return just to see the smiling and friendly receptionist who went beyond her duty to help me. I can't remember last time I saw people who worked so passionately at their jobs. More power to you all. I'll definitely refer my friends here.
, 03/05/2020

AG is the real deal. The state of the art diagnosis let you see in real time the damage, parts and recommendation.
, 02/27/2020

Chuck and his guys are the best. Always up front and reliable. Wouldn't go to another shop.
, 09/28/2019

Open and honest worked on my MINI Coupe. Fast turnaround time and good open communication.
, 09/29/2019

I recommend these guys for your work! They will never try to sell you something you don't need, and they will give you fast, professional service.
, 10/22/2019

Excellent is the word!!! I highly recommend A.G Automotive, they are honest people and friendly..... looking forward to working with them again and again I visited this place for the first time and I was much impressed. Right from the pampering and friendly reception from Michelle to the honest service. Chuck charged me less than half the minimum diagnostic charge because my car did not actually have a mechanical problem as earlier thought. Amazing they are.
, 12/20/2019

I have had my two cars repaired here. These guys are absolutely the best. Outstanding level of professionalism and I strongly recommend taking any automotive vehicle for service.
, 12/29/2019

Excellent service..
, 01/06/2020

Chuck at A.G. Automotive & Diagnosis is Amazing!! My check engine light was on and I needed to get my car smogged! I went to a few shops and was charged A LOT OF $$$$ and no one could Find or Fix the problem. Chuck was able to find & Fix the problem in a few hours!! He was able to fix it the First time... Not through replacing random parts until he got the right one!! He Knows what he's doing! He diagnosed the problem, got the part, fixed the problem!! Reasonable, Professional, Knowledgeable, Trustworthy! pretty much what I have been looking for in a Mechanic!!! THANK YOU CHUCK!! YOU HAVE A CUSTOMER FOR LIFE!!

Excellent, intelligent, knowledgeable, friendly, and efficient. This was my second visit and it was the same as the first I was greeted promptly, they actually listened to me and fixed my car perfectly and I'm not easy. At last I now have a mechanic I not only can trust but refer to friends.

My Dodge Cummins Diesel pickup suddenly started running rich and misfiring, had it towed to AG Automotive after talking to Chuck about the problem. He worked on it and found that the injector pump gear was bad, they never go bad but mine did and Chuck found and fixed it. My pickup runs great I will definitely recommend AG Automotive to others.

Chuck has been working on my vehicles for years. I won't have any other mechanic look at my car. When I have AG AUTOMOTIVE do any work it's done right the first time, no comebacks!! AG is very reasonable and the job is done in a timely manner. Thanks Chuck for being there for me.

Excellent and quick service. Chuck and Jonathan we're great help and attentive as well. Thank you for the work and advice as well.

Thank you Chuck for helping a 75 yr old lady, my mother said you were so nice & caring she is VERY happy with your work and says she has a NEW mechanic, she knows she is in good hands.....and the price was about 200.00 less that what the dealership wanted to charge her. Thank you.

I was very satisfied by the service AG Automotive & Diagnosis provided. I had taken my Honda Accord to the dealer who quoted me for service that was not needed. Chuck fixed my car for a reasonable price and in the future I will have him take care of all services and repairs for my car.

Very helpful and very polite. Tells you straight up what's wrong and gives you options.

My wife scheduled a last minute brake and oil change for me. He waited for me to bring in my car close to after hours, so that he could be able to work on it the next morning. He did an amazing job! You just earned yourself a permanent customer. Thank for taking care of my Truck Chuck!!!

Chuck was very knowledgeable as well as personable. He took time to ask all the right questions in order to accurately diagnose what was going on with my car. We will definitely be bringing our car to him from now on.

Great service! Chuck have me an honest diagnosis and fair pricing! I'll definitely be back.

Professional,polite,and finished the job on time and on budget. not only are they excellent mechanics but they truly fix what others can't. I recommend AG without hesitation At last a mechanic I trust and that's saying a lot.

Chuck goes above and beyond for his customers.

Excellent customer service, great work...dependable. I told them i needed my car the next day. It was ready to go and they washed it for me. They don't take advantage!

Excellent service and work as always. Chuck takes time to explain everything and is completely transparent and upfront about what needs to be done. A truly honest guy who does great work on time and at fair prices.

The Most honest mechanics in Los Angeles ! the most trustworthy people in that Garage waiting to answer you question and help you with your car! I highly recommend these people to everyone is seeking to deal with honest people and my thanks to every single person in that shop, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!

A+++!!!! After 10+ years of living in LA and seeing various mechanics, A.G. Automotive & Diagnosis was by far the best service, expertise, and workmanship I have experienced. Chuck is HONEST, extremely knowledgeable and experienced (more so than any other mechanic I've ever been to)

Was just given a good amount of prices and things that need replacing from Galpin, found this place and made a call. Chuck made this day a bit more bearable for me saving me money and educating me on my car situation! Thanks again, I'll definitely be back.

What can I say other than these guys know what they are doing and give you an honest and fair experience. From the first phone call I knew they were the right choice. They talked us through the complete repair and showed a genuine concern for our situation. The prices they quoted were accurate and the work they did was first rate. So happy we found these guys! If you want the job done right the first time, this is the place.

It's simply the best service shop I've been to. Professional and courteous staff. I Had some serious issues with my engine, tried 2 other shops prior A.G. and they couldn't solve the problem. Chuck diagnosed my pickup truck, found the problem and fixed it in a timely manner. For a reasonable price, too!

A&G Automotive did an awesome job on my mini. Fast and efficient service. Fair pricing. They get straight to the point. I'll continue to bring my car to here for maintenance and recommend them to all my family and friends. Thanks A&G

I had an oil leak and I could have been taken advantage of very easily...but they were honest and told me it was a simple fix, and I walked out paying less than originally quoted. I understand every business has to make money to strive, but I can see they value their integrity over making a quick buck. They've gained my respect and future business. I highly recommend this company!

I found this AG Automotive through yelp. So I decided to give it a try. I sent in one of our inventory (2006 Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor) in for steering wheel stiffness diagnostic. Owner Chuck was able to identify the problem in the first place. His crews are very professional (more professional I thought I was at a car dealership service department). Great experience throughout. Most importantly, got the job done right. They know what they're talking about. Certainly not some BS mom & pop shop just there for your money (if they fixed it right the first time). Price is fair. If you ever have problem with the repairs they done, there's always a warranty to back you up. Thank you chuck. I will be back at your shop for our other vehicle recondition. From: Ideal Motor Group in San Gabriel Valley.

I went here with a really bad brake problem. Chuck took the time to explain the cause of the issue and what could be done to not only fix it but how to prevent it in the future. He and his team are professional and highly knowledgeable. I feel confident and grateful to these guys. I definitely recommend this shop and will continue to refer friends and family here. His prices are more than fair and the work is top shelf.